Couple Sessions

Restore sexual attraction and playfulness between the sheets

In our busy lives with lots of activities and responsibilities it’s easy to lose the connection with ourselves and with our partner. Especially when the honeymoon period is over. In a couple session you learn how to restore the attraction between you and your partner, so you can deepen your relationship and become happier and hornier again.

Polarity creates attraction

It’s the polarity between the masculine and the feminine that creates attraction. This is not just about sexual polarity, but also about polarity in daily life. A couple session will give you more awareness on how you balance the masculine and feminine in yourself, and how you can work with masculine and feminine energy as a couple. You might even explore ‘switching polarities’.

Tools and techniques

The session givers below will look at your specific relationship dynamics and give both partners the opportunity to receive new imprints and tools on how to strengthen the polarity and thus the sexual attraction between them. Also they can teach you new and exciting tools between the sheets.

Loving and supporting each others greatness

Once you know how to practice with polarity in your relationship, it becomes much easier to see the beauty and greatness of your partner again. Meet each other an a whole new level: the feminine will be drawn to the deep consciousness of the masculine, and the masculine will love the radiating feminine.