Reclaim your natural sensitivity

If your sexual energy does not flow freely throughout your body, if you experience discomfort during sex, or if you ‘need’ a short peak orgasm to release sexual energy, de-armouring of the vagina and/or the anus might make a huge difference. Find your natural sensitivity and get your horniness back!

Women: vaginal de-armouring
Most women have tensions stored in their vagina. These are mainly caused by emotions, stress, anxiety and suppressed needs. If you are not fully relaxed, your vagina may feel numb, painful or a combination of both, and you don’t have full access to your sensations and to maximum sexual pleasure. De-armouring of the vagina, including the cervix, is a trigger point massage that helps you release tensions and suppressed emotions. As a result your vagina becomes softer and far more sensitive. Your sexual experiences will deepen and you might start to experience new kinds of orgasms, like valley, cervix and womb orgasms.

Men: anal de-armouring

For men the anus is a place where they store tension. De-armouring of the anus will help you to release (old) fears and to become more relaxed in your body. A yogically open anus enables sexual energy to flow from the genitals into the spine, which is essential in quitting peak orgasms and avoiding premature ejaculation, see also The anus is also one of the most important portals for men to come into contact with their feminine side. Allowing yourself to experience pleasure via your anus might turn out to be the one of the best ways to ‘recharge your batteries’.