Intuitive TNT Massage

Your body is an infinite source of wisdom. This also means that every memory and every trauma is stored somewhere in your body. Why do you feel stuck, or what can you release to open up more? Let your body talk.

Release emotional and energetic blockages

No session is better to take it to a deeper level than an intuitive massage. Following her intuition and listening to your body language, Magma helps you release emotional and energetic blockages. If specific themes or trauma’s come up, we take the time to work with that. Peeling of layer after layer while being guided in a safe setting is deeply healing om the physical and emotional level.

Transformative healing work

Magma has an impressive background in energy work. As experienced practitioner she guides you lovingly and without any judgement deeper in your process so you can feel what needs to be felt and transform what needs to be transformed. All in your own pace.