About TNT

The originators and the main ingredients of the 10 Steps to Happiness

Today TNT is one of the largest tantra schools worldwide, with several thousand students passing through workshops in different countries, and an active community of regularly meeting practitioners.


The New Tantra is a crazy wisdom school, founded in 2010 by Alex Vartman aka ‘The Mad Hatter’. Alex started his spiritual journey at a very young age. His life purpose is to end human mind suffering. TNT currently has 10 teachers and over 20 bodyworkers and coaches and is the originator of the 21daychallenge.com.

Spirit – Science – Sex?


Spiritual growth is not about sex, and it’s not about feeling happy. It’s about growing into the greatest version of yourself. About returning to the innocent happiness of the child with the full faculties of the non self-reflecting adult. About trusting Spirit to guide you in finding your place in the puzzle, so you can serve the people and the world around you with your gifts. A happy fulfilling life is ‘just’ the result.


In The New Tantra we focus on easily accessible, practical and effective tools for rapid spiritual growth. Science provides the framework for testing the tools on effectivity, and for investigating why and how they work. We always try to identify the relevant variables. We are continuously investigating and testing to ‘design’ a complete way of practicing that will work for everybody who is deeply committed to their process. The ultimate goal is to help you to return to the innocent happiness of the child, but with the full faculties of the non self-reflecting adult. A joyful state in which you can fully use your intellect (the masculine), and fully access and conduct our whole range of emotions in our bodies (the feminine).


Sex. Many people feel resistance towards this topic. So, why is sex such an important topic in TNT? Exactly because of that. Because, even though sexual energy is the strongest energy represented in our bodies, most of our shame and guilt – and a lot of our fixations – are related to sexuality. As soon as sexuality is involved, we feel contracted and our ego patterns and projections become crystal clear. The 10 Step programme starts with sexual de-conditioning because sex is the fastest way from our intellectual mind into the nervous system. By challenging shame, judgement and any suppressed impulses, we break directly through all conditioning, back into our natural, more innocent state of being. When you get more relaxed, playing with sexual energy (which may or may not involve penetration) can become a deep spiritual practice, a gateway to unity consciousness, to divine and unconditional love.


What’s with the weird names in TNT?

Maybe you’ve already met some TNT students and heard about their weird names. In Step 3 the participants suggest new nicknames for each other for several reasons:

  • A name is usually chosen by parents. The name is connected to all their expectations and ideas on who they would like their child to become. A new name is a fun and simple way to set an intention for a fresh start, to liberate yourself from a past limiting self image.

  • There are so many students in TNT that a suitable name, matching their looks/personality to a well known figure, makes it easier for everybody to remember who is who.
  • The names are chosen to inspire their greatness (something to live up to) or to confront their ego (something to grow out of).