E-mail: puja@pujalepp.com
Phone: +49 89 641 72 06

About Puja
Puja is a experienced psychotherapist with 30 years experience. She offers a unique blend of modern psychology and spiritual growth techniques for emotional healing and is a renown specialist in the field of Primal Therapy. Many people world wide, including many TNT students, have experienced a significant, positive, and lasting change in their lives after committing to the deep process of childhood de-conditioning.

About her work
In Step 1a ‘Childhood de-conditioning’ Puja skilfully guides you through a deep process. She has a huge capacity to feel into people and she knows exactly how to create a safe space in which you can peel of layer after layer. It’s a rewarding and essential journey back to your authentic free self.

Puja is available for Skype sessions.


Childhood Deconditioning Therapy

Childhood Deconditioning, also referred to as ‘deep feeling therapy’ is a process of encountering and releasing repressed feelings and memories from childhood, thus discovering how they have influenced your life as an adult. It allows your emotional condition to heal, by creating a safe situation for honest feeling expression. It is a powerful and most natural approach to emotional wellbeing, a transformative journey into the core of the Self.

‘My great passion is to work with people and encourage them to clarify, heal and liberate themselves from the restrictive conditioning that compromises their working lives, life purpose, family, relationships, sexuality and spiritual well-being.’


Skype session 60 min  – € 150.
Skype session 90min –  € 200.


"Grateful beyond words for the biggest and most powerful wake-up call I’ve ever received, called Primal Intensive. What an amazing journey into getting to know myself and my true desires. It brought back memories and feelings of my unmet needs I didn’t even know I had. And it made me aware of some ugly strategies I use to fulfil these holes nowadays. It’s such a beautiful way of getting in contact with my playful, innocent and curious me again. Thank you!"

− Marieke Drost / Holland

"I am truly amazed by Puja and her work. She has a great ability to hold space and to create a safe container in which we all could go very deep. Puja is strong in her presence and love. She never compromised, following her strong intuition, thus challenging us to the max, but always having our healing in mind. I can highly recommend her work to anyone who wants to heal their childhood traumas to become a happier, more whole and integrated person."

− Nadja Fuelner / USA

"Primal Therapy with Puja went so much deeper than I ever imagined. Burning away so many of imprints from my childhood and family lineage left me feeling like a baby, taking my first steps as an individual in my own right. My body feels cleaner, I have more energy, I feel my own boundaries better. I am in touch with my anger and my life force, fully embracing life for the first time. All this also transformed the interaction with my five year old daughter. Grateful!"

− Milena Blomqvist / Holland