Sacred sex skills

Become an Advanced Sex Lover

Sacred sex skills sessions are designed to train men in a variety of skills to become an Advanced Sex Lover. In these experiental one-on-one sessions you will be coached, step by step with theory and hands-on practice, on how to tantrically handle your womans’ body. This session is an advanced session – open for men that have received a TNT-massage first by one of our bodyworkers.

Sacred Skills

Essential skills you will learn are:

  • To grow in your unique qualities as a man
  • to be fully present in your body instead of thinking and planning.
  • To feel into your lover and learn how to open her body up.
  • To find the difference between wanting (being greedy) and giving (serving).
  • To lead and follow from your masculine and feminine side.
  • To take responsibility to avoid the peak orgasm for your sexual partner.

Tantric imprint

In this session you will receive an imprint of a fully open tantric body as a key to serve the woman in your own life. You will get instant feedback and you will learn a lot about the theory, tools and techniques.

The session doesn’t involve intercourse.