Sexual de-conditioning (Level 1)

Transcending shame

Sexual de-conditioning is a rapid way to transcend unconscious sexual shame and regain sexual innocence


Sex is natural. Shame is not. This workshop gives you the opportunity to transcend old conditioning around sex. You’ll also learn how to move sexual energy through your bodies to deepen your sexual practice.

Gateway to your true nature
Unnatural ‘feelings’ like shame and guilt are often deeply rooted in our mental and physical system. In this (clothes on!) workshop we use sexuality as a gateway to our true, innocent and playful, nature. This approach is deeply transformative as sex is the most direct pathway to the nervous system.

Empower yourself
To really transform old patterns, it’s important that you only do what you feel comfortable doing and with whom you feel comfortable doing it with. We invite you to express your longings and to respect your boundaries. Empower yourself by taking 100% responsibility for yourself.

Playing with sexual energy
In this workshop you also learn how to run sexual energy through your spine. Playing with energy gives your sex life a whole new dimension. Especially when you stop having contracting peak orgasms. Once you’re able to build up sexual energy, you can experience much deeper orgasms. You can also use the energy in more productive ways: to fulfill our life purpose.

For everybody

This entry level is open for everyone; singles, couples, monogamous, open, poly or otherwise. All our workshops are open to all kinds of gender. All sexual preferences are okay.

No tantric, or even sexual, experience is needed.


  • An educative and playful workshop with theory, explanation of the process, simple tantric practices and energy work.
  • Through several tantric practices you’ll gain awareness of your sexual conditioning and the opportunity to transcend beliefs and patterns that don’t serve you.
  • Remove shame from your sexual fantasies, and even make them into ritualized gateways to spiritual realms.

  • Learn how to move energy through your whole spine and also to play with other people’s energy.
  • Learn why peak orgasms cause energy loss in your body and mind.
  • Attain a clearer understanding and a maybe even imprints of deeper tantric orgasms: g-spot/prostate, female ejaculation/squirting, anal, cervix, full-body and womb orgasms.

  • Learn how to use sexual energy for deepening sexual intimacy and for fulfilling your life purpose.
  • Learn about polarity between the masculine and the feminine and get a clearer understanding about how to keep or restore sexual attraction in long-term relationships.
  • Experience real freedom in your body and mind. Get innocent and playful again!


"I thought that I had experienced almost everything but nothing compares to this:

TNT ís dynamite. This workshop cut to the core of my hidden sexual fantasies, taboos and darker shadows, and liberated a deep feeling of freedom and passion and the longing to live life from my deepest potential"

− Pal Christian Buntz / Norway

"I can’t help but share one more time how immensely grateful I feel for the amazing group. In particular, I want to thank all the guys in the group for taking such good care of each other. You’ve helped me reclaim my spark of life. "

− Tom / Sweden



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