Return to innocence. Full bodied enlightenment –  step 10a

Practicing full bodied enlightenment is the final step to happiness if you are doing solo practice


Once we have cleared up our addictions and received enough constructive criticism to change our selfish tendencies, we are ready for this step. To open the spiritual heart located on the right side of the chest and to fully embrace ourselves in what we call ‘Yogic self love’. The completion of Step 10a is full bodied enlightenment. The ultimate and final experience.

What is enlightenment?

Our intuition is that fully embodied enlightenment is a returning to the innocent happiness of the child with the full faculties of the non self-reflecting adult. This is a joyful state in which we can fully use our intellect (the masculine), and fully access and conduct our whole range of emotions in our bodies (the feminine).

A vision on how to get there

Based on deep teachings from the past and based on our own experiences, The New Tantra is looking for a way to help people to become enlightened beings. By continuously looking for variables, we attempt to find a system that will work repeatedly. We are constantly investigating and testing to ‘design’ a complete way of practicing that will work for everybody who is deeply committed to his or her process.

Unifying the masculine and the feminine

No school has ever ‘delivered’ an enlightened student. We also haven’t found the holy grail, but we have strong indications on how to bring you at least a few big steps further. Most spiritual schools focus on either masculine practice or feminine practice. As we see it, combining the two will deepen your practice and experiences enormously.

  • Masculine practice is done at the level of awareness – For example by meditating or by doing discipline training. It’s about emptiness, about seeing that the perceived ‘me’ is an illusion.
  • Feminine practice is done on the bodily level. For example by practicing yoga (including sexual yoga). It’s about fulness, about feeling and embodying all emotions and different energies.


Steps 1 – 9

Workshop in progress

We will update this step as it gets clearer to us.


Yogic Self Love

  • Step 10a ia about opening the spiritual heart, located on the right side of the chest. Learn how to consciously open this side of the heart and how to embrace yourself in what we call ‘Yogic self love’.
  • Many people want to jump straight to this practice without having to do all the hard work on the previous steps, particularly step 5. The danger in jumping to 10a too early is a high risk for students deluding themselves and prematurely removing the impetus to change ‘the man in the mirror’.

Returning to innocence

  • Get tools to combine masculine and feminine practice.
  • Return to the innocent happiness of a child with the full faculties of the non self-reflecting adult. Use your intellect and the full range of human emotions for service (including anger for protection and in rare cases for assertiveness), while residing in the native emotional body natural to the undamaged child. Experience love, curiosity, joy, sadness (for others) and happiness.

The mental/physical process of transformation

  • Receive deep teachings and new imprints.
  • From the deepest satori’s that we have experienced, there is a (temporary in our case) descent of the feeling of being ‘me’ or the seat of consciousness descending from behind the eyes into the chest area. This feels like taking an escalator down from the front of the head, into the throat and then back and forward into the right side of the chest. In this state the experiencer and the experience merge into one, including all the sensations in the body merging with the surroundings
  • According to reports and teachings from Ramana Maharshi and Adi Da, this process can be a permanent one, but the ‘reproducible bridges of practice’ do not seem to be in place as evidenced by the lack of students manifesting and mastering this step.

The New Tantra is not related to any religion. Our school relates to wisdom from many ancient and recent sources. About combining the masculine and feminine practice on a spiritual level – this might what is being referred to in the Gnostic teachings of Christ:

“When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner as the outer, and the upper as the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male shall not be male, and the female shall not be female: . . . then you will enter [the kingdom].”