Couples practicing unconditional love – step 10b

This is about the deepest form of love practice you can do as a couple. It is based on unconditional love and aims to create relationships where both partners grow together in love and as individuals to become whole beings


How many people actually experience unconditional love in a relationship? We believe this form of love can only be experienced as a result of our actions and devotion. In this step you receive theory and tools on actually giving and receiving this form of love.

Relationships as spiritual practice

In spiritual relationships we let our actions towards our partner be guided by our dedication and desire to help and see our partner grow as a whole human being. Our emotions may change like the weather, but the feeling of deep love keeps showing from our unselfish actions. We act for the greater good of that person, not out of our own selfish needs. By practicing unconditional love, and by engaging both our masculine and feminine qualities, the relationship becomes a spiritual practice on your path to enlightenment.

Commitment to practice unconditional love

To be able to do the practices that we teach in Step 10b, you need a deep commitment. It is a romantic dream to think that all that triggers in a relationship will disappear if you just meet ‘the one’. Committing to a spiritual relationship with your partner is an ego killing process. Deep commitment serves us to stay and helps us not to give up when the ego wants to separate. It also creates a safe container in this extremely vulnerable process.


Steps 1 – 10a

Workshop in progress

As this step is being developed right now, there are no current workshops scheduled.


  • This step is an unconditional love or open heart practice. An example of unconditional love is the love of parents for their child. No matter what your child does, you will love it with your whole heart. You wish for their happiness and their growth.
  • Learn in your relationship how to act out of love under all conditions and practice to not close your heart, even if your partner hurts your feelings. Yet: don’t compromise with their ego.

  • Help each other to grow. Try to see how you can help your partner shine in their greatness. Learn how to help each other again and again to get out of unconscious ego patterns and fears.
  • Practice with growing and nourishing mutual attraction. Sex is a metaphor for life and is seen in Level 10b as a pathway for deeper connection and union.

  • Unify the masculine and feminine qualities on all levels, both internally and externally.
  • The Level10b practice in an intimate relationship is a training ground for a full integration of the masculine and feminine qualities in us. A stepping stone towards full bodied enlightenment.