Raising undamaged children in community – step 10c

This is the most exciting step of all and in our opinion the most likely to succeed in creating a happy world. A reproducible system for raising virtually undamaged or even totally undamaged children


What are the possibilities for mankind if we could raise children without trauma? Every being seems to be happy and whole at its core. Babies don’t seem to be born evil and children only seem to misbehave from incorrect upbringing.

Trauma’s from birth and childhood

Today most of us come into this world with the sound of our mother screaming while her vagina and cervix are ripped apart in potentially the most painful hours of her life. We arrive shocked, often drugged, into a loud world with bright lights, in an industrial hospital. Needles are stuck into us, some are put into an incubator and cry until they can’t feel anymore. Of course we can’t remember those times, but that does not mean that a baby does not feel. Compound that with growing up with fighting parents, perhaps being bullied at school, and any abuse you sustained. Not everybody grows up under such hard circumstances, but to a varying degree we all got hurt during our upbringing. There is significant research that correlates early childhood trauma with problems later in life.

Damaged parents raise damaged children

Even if the adult has mastered the 10 steps to happiness, can we totally eliminate all the negative imprints that continue to operate in our nervous systems? Most adults are not even aware of how much they project from the past and react to the present based on past traumas. The impact of feeling unseen and unloved as a child is driving an endless craving for affection as an adult. Some parents overfeed their kids to pacify them. This often leads to overeating for life and in other addictions to distract us from feeling sadness. And maybe bribing like: ‘Darling, don’t cry. Here look at this nice toy…’ transfers at a later age to an unconscious need to have the latest iPhone.

What if…

What if we didn’t have any trauma’s? Would it be possible to keep that innocence happiness as we develop our adult faculties? There are a few children on the planet that have had very low trauma upbringings and they are quite remarkable. What are the possibilities for mankind if we could raise children without trauma?


Completion of all previous steps: 1-10


Conscious parenting questionnaire

  • Do you have the wish to have children? Fill in the Conscious Parenting Questionnaire. This will help to rate yourself on how ready you are to have undamaged children.

Conscious conception

  • Perhaps the Tibetans are right. Their theory is that the moment of conception is like soul advertising. Doesn’t sound very scientific, but it doesn’t hurt to really plan a beautiful ceremony for a chosen conception. Who wouldn’t prefer to have our parents really plan our conception night, rather than it happening by accident after a few beers too many?

Conscious birth/ Womb orgasmic birth

  • This may sound like science fiction theory but Google ‘orgasmic birth’ and you will see quite a movement, mainly in the USA, of women learning how to give birth during pregnancy. TNT seems to be the only school capable of teaching women to orgasm with the cervix and uterus during lovemaking, once they have been fully de-armoured. A woman that can routinely womb orgasm during tantric lovemaking is likely to have a virtually pain free orgasmic birth. We have proof of this.

Lotus birth

  • 30% of the babie’s stem cell blood is lost if the umbilical chord is immediately cut. The placenta and umbilical chord need to stop pumping before the chord is severed. This takes about 90 minutes. Also there is no need to cut the chord as it will detach by itself within 2-3 weeks. The lotus birth is when the placenta is carried around in a little bag with some salt in it. Sounds weird but why not?

Avoiding bullying

  • Physical and mental bullying seem to make permanent scars and should be avoided at all costs. TNT supports the same rights of children as parents get. Anyone that hits a child (including parents) should have the same consequences as if they abused an adult.

Conscious parenting

  • Children should be spoken to with the same respect as adults. Our experience is that children do not need to be told what to do unless they are damaged. They naturally want to be good. So most of the time they only need to understand why. Educate instead of forcing or banning.