Childhood de-conditioning

Step 1b (optional step)

Most of our adult actions are still unconsciously derived from our childhoods

In our early childhood we all developed behaviour patterns to get the love, appreciation and approval of others. We also created defense mechanisms to not suffer from unmet physical and emotional needs. Today we suffer because all these layers create barriers between ourselves and others. This workshop gives you the opportunity to return to your free, authentic self.


Fear of separation
We start building up our ego structure as soon as we realize we are not the same person as our mother. As we’re fully dependent on our parents, finding out how we should relate to others, but especially to our parents is of vital interest. Unconsciously we absorb our parents behaviour patterns and their value system. Everything to not be abandoned.

Resolving childhood pain
Developing an ego structure, is ‘normal’. It also seems inevitable that we get damaged during our childhood. The painful thing is how much our childhood conditioning, continues to affect our adult lives through thoughts, emotions and actions. We keep reacting on old triggers. Whether we are aware of it or not. Relationships with ourself and with others will be muddled until the pain from our childhood is resolved.

Layer after layer
Goal of this workshop is to attain clarity on your childhood conditioning and unmet needs. As ‘the healing is in the feeling’, you will be supported to unlock and express deeply held feelings including anger, pain, grief, shame, loneliness and heartbreak. The process allows you to break free from unconscious conditioning.

About Puja
This workshop is lead by Puja a passionate therapist who studied with Osho. With her great ability to support deep processes she has accumulated an impressive amount of experience world wide.

Step 1b is TNT’s only therapy course and it’s an optional entry level. No previous experience of our courses is needed, but be aware: this is a tough course and true commitment is needed. Be prepared to get completely vulnerable. A fifteen minute interview by Skype is part of the application process. The retreat will take place in silence and isolation.


  • An intense life changing workshop in which you will truly reconnect to your core essence, your authentic inner child.
  • Lots of exercises, meditations, and deep cathartic break-throughs. You will be guided step by step.
  • A safe environment to explore everything that was not safe to feel when you were a kid.

  • Get more understanding of your behavior patterns and defense mechanisms. Are you a hider? A victim? A pleaser? Attacking or blaming? What are your addictions, what is it you don’t want to feel?
  • Start te recognize triggers of primal pain in your life and relationships
  • See how clarity on your triggers and ego patterns will help you to connect in a cleaner and healthier way to yourself and others.

  • Be prepared for some turbulence in your life. During the workshop you will stir up several deep layers of your personality. The process will start a longer en deep process in you.
  • Take the first step in regaining your childlike full feeling spectrum. (Most adults feel much less than they did as a child!)
  • Let go of your childhood conditioning and experience more freedom.


"I can highly recommend her work to anyone who wants to heal their childhood traumas to become a happier, more whole and integrated person. Thank you very much Puja for giving your gift."

− Nadja Feulner / USA

"Grateful beyond words for the biggest and most powerful wake-up call I’ve ever received. It brought back memories and feelings of my unmet needs I didn’t even know I had. It’s such a beautiful way of getting in contact with my playful, innocent and curious me again. Thank you!"

− Marieke Drost/Holland

"Burning away so many of imprints from my childhood and family lineage left me feeling like a baby, taking my first steps as an individual in my own right. My body feels cleaner, I have more energy, I feel my own boundaries better. I am in touch with my anger and my life force, fully embracing life for the first time. I totally recommend Childhood Deconditioning with Puja to anyone who is serious about clearing their past "

− Charlene / Holland



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