Women’s Workshop

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Do you long to live your life as a woman in flow? Are you tired of being stuck in useless mind chatter or in emotional neediness? Are you curious about deepening your relationship with other women? We thought so! Keep reading…


This workshop creatively plays with the “feminine” and the “masculine”, as a means to enrich and magnetize your life, to create harmony or to break free from situations that do not serve you anymore. We will show how this old opposition can still be used to create more flow in many aspects of your life, if used skilfully.


Spiritual growth and letting go of our shields
In this workshop we work together as women on letting go of the limited ideas and delusions of our minds that shine through in our everyday interactions. Many of us are tired of our routine defense mechanisms – we will share tools and teachings to examine and let go of them. Get awareness on where we as women are not living our life from a loving intention and how we can transform this to grow spiritually and emotionally. The ambition of these practices is to work towards becoming responsible for ourselves and grow from little girls to strong women.


Tantric sexuality and sisterhood
This workshop is also an opportunity to explore tantric sexuality in a setting with women only. We will explore together in the safe, supporting and healing environment of real sisterhood. This is a chance for women to explore women, learn about each other and deepen the bonds between each other. A space will be created to connect deeply with our feminine bodies and to play with our innocent and darker flavors. Practice adding pleasure, assertiveness, playfulness, direction and vulnerability back into your life, without taking things too seriously.


None. This workshop is created for women who are dedicated to bring their state of being to the next level.


  • Look at yourself in a truthful and honest way – stop compromising.
  • Receive tantric teachings about the “masculine” and the “feminine” aspects in us. Learn how to use feminine and masculine practices skilfully. We will do various exercises in pairs and groups. There will be enough time to ask questions.
  • Learn about the pitfalls of thinking in terms of “masculine” and “feminine” according to traditional role models and clichés. Avoid getting stuck in all kinds of stories.

  • Learn about the different types of feminine dramas.
  • Receive tools to get in touch with your emotional body.
  • Learn how to conduct emotions instead of getting lost in them.
  • Learn how and why you would want to embody many “feminine flavors”.
  • Switch between feminine and masculine qualities to create more polarity with another person.

  • Learn about female sexuality and the range of orgasms available to women.
  • Let go of bodily shame without judgment or competition.
  • Receive the opportunity to explore sexually with other women, and learn how to create sisterhood instead of competition.
  • Honor, relax and enjoy the feminine and have some girly fun together!


"This weekend and all of the experiences have been just magical for me, I feel like a missing piece has fallen into place and I'm so grateful"

− Ingunn Tennbak / Norway

"If you feel the longing of living your life in your fullest potential this retreat can be the first step."

− Saskia van der Voort / Holland

"I learned so much about myself as a woman and I have never felt a more heart open Sisterhood."

− Cecilia Jayer / UK



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