Men’s Workshop

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Learn how to attract and maintain intimate relationships with the feminine

Most men are unconsciously overly affected by women’s emotions – the emotions of their wives, lovers, daughters, mothers, sisters and so on. Paradoxically, at the same time, the woman typically does not want to over-control her man, since this makes her lose attraction to him. In this workshop you’ll learn how to truly step into your masculinity, so your woman can step into her femininity.


Masculine and feminine
Both men and women embody masculine qualities and feminine qualities. This workshop is for those who are interested in skillfully using the contrast between the “masculine” and the “feminine” as a pragmatic tool to make their relationships more juicy, harmonious and satisfying. In this workshop, we don’t propose to go back to traditional gender roles, but neither do we shy away from contrasting the feminine with the masculine where it serves a purpose. Rather, we re-interpret masculine and feminine artfully in a way suitable for the 21st century. The workshop is thus open to anyone who wishes to explore the masculine in a relationship – including both heterosexual and homosexual relationships.

Masculine practice
Dealing with the feminine and dealing with life is a constant play where we are challenged to stay balanced, grounded and open. In that sense life can be considered as a conspiracy to wake you up. How do you navigate through this lifelong defiance as a man? What is important in your life? According to what values do you live your life? How do you maintain a healthy balance between work, relation and family? And what are the practices you do to maintain a balance between your masculine and feminine?

During the workshop time will be spent on being present, how to live from your own values and how to build a healthy relation with your anger. Owning your anger makes you more attractive and trustworthy and it empowers you greatly. The course also covers how to feel safe with other men, feel the brotherhood and how to co-operate without unhealthy competition. It will give you a foundation on how to operate in daily life as a man.

Feminine drama and polarity
Expressing emotions is not the same as making drama. Drama is something you actively do, while emotions are something you have. For that reason the dramas are also called feminine destructive patterns. These patterns often have a self undermining and non-constructive characteristic. Feminine drama is destructive for the polarity in your relationship. To maintain the attraction between you and your partner, you need the capacity to step fully into your masculine. With your masculine presence you can help your partner in a loving way to step out of drama, to relax her protective shield and to surrender to your deep, uncompromising and skillful guidance of your life together. In this workshop you learn to recognize more than 20 types of drama. But more important: you’ll learn how to react to drama in new ways. Lovingly, but without compromising. Once you gain your woman’s trust, she can become your lover and friend, rather than your male partner or mommy.

None. It’s not necessary to be in a relationship to benefit from this workshop.


  • Learn how masculine practice strengthens the polarity in your relationship and how your relation benefits from that.
  • Learn to relax around and trust other men.
  • Learn how to stop compromising, while supporting your woman’s longing to become more feminine in relationship to you.

  • Get rid of the constant feeling of guilt and the fear to deal with her irrational fears.
  • Understand the difference between emotions and drama, and practice reacting in a loving way to at least 20 kinds of destructive patterns.
  • Understand how to regain your woman’s trust so she feels safe to surrender and doesn’t have to use her protective shield.

  • Get to know yourself better by getting clarity on how you react on drama and why. Also start to recognize your own dramas.
  • Learn how to avoid falling into the trap of making your partner into your mother.
  • Practice new skills to allow your woman to relax by your side, supporting your life’s purpose.


"The brotherhood and the sense of connection was the deepest I ever experienced with other men. I learnt about the dramas of the feminine, recognised the ones that I play my self and how badly I fuck up when I have to face them in real life. I'm grateful to be part of this beatiful group of people, who are truly working on themselves with and unprecedented depth and courage."

− Amir / UK

"After attending the Mens' retreat when my husband came home I immediately felt his transformation. I have never seen him so open and present. Thank you Alex & , the team, and all the brave men at the workshop. And thank you, hubby - whatever you learned - it is working!"

− Smilla / Denmark

"Since I´m back from the Mens' Retreat, my wife is going crazy. She is up to test me daily. A drama in the morning and a drama in the evening. And not easy ones but real essential stuff. So I am using the techniques - and it works! Ending drama with beautiful solutions for the issues she brings up.
This is a huge potential to grow. I recommend this workshop to every man out there, who is willing to evolve into his male core.

− Christian Broermann / Germany



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