Advanced Sex (Level 2)

Clothes off de-conditioning in mixed group – step 3a

Where theory becomes clothes-off practice

In this workshop you’ll learn how to transform sexual lust and energies into fully conscious art forms. De-armouring of the body and genitals will help the sexual energy to flow more freely through your body. Get ready to turn sexual energy into spiritual revelation.

Most of us have energy or even physical contractions stored in our bodies. In Sexual de-conditioning Level 1 we work with body de-armouring to remove some of these blockages and to get the sexual energy running through the spine. In this (clothes off) follow-up workshop, we sexually heal our bodies by working with the physical contractions stored in the muscles of the vagina/cervix and the anus. The de-armouring releases these tensions and restores the sensibility to a natural state, giving you full access to your pleasure and opening up the body for new kinds of orgasms and deeper sexual experiences.

Sex and spirituality
Clothes off practices in a safe setting allows a deep self-acceptance of ourselves as sexual beings. In this setting you will learn how to play with sexual energy on deeper levels, and how to get from goal oriented ‘friction only’ sex to making love in bliss for hours. While including your darker energies you’ll get liberating glimpses of truly expanded awareness.

Practice in a safe setting
You will have the opportunity to practice either privately with yourself or lover or in the group. You only do what feels good for you and you don’t have to practice with anyone you don’t feel attracted to. Taking full responsibility for yourself is part of the learnings in this workshop.

Passed Sexual de-conditioning Level 1. Couples as well as singles are welcome to this workshop!


  • This exercise-based course enables healing to happen deeper in the body.
  • Learn and experience how to de-armour the base of the body through pressure work.
  • De-armouring and opening energy channels in the body results in a natural flow of energy, called the “microcosmic orbit”. Once the body has been restored to its natural state, energy flows without needing visualizations or imagination. The results are concrete and real.

  • Turn sex into a spiritual experience.
  • Many participants may also have their first glimpse of truly expanded awareness, especially during the esoteric night of this training.
  • Practice how to include and transform darker sexual lust and energies into fully conscious art-forms. Explore deeper hidden layers of your sexuality and learn how to turn them into gateways to deeper states of consciousness.

  • Learn to make love in bliss for hours. Experience how this is much more enjoyable and intense than regular friction-only based sex.
  • Learn how to recharge your energy levels by sexual practice. This capacity makes you require less sleep.
  • Get more clarity on the ego. Sexual practice can bring bliss, but it can also trigger fear, jealousy, anger and sadness. Get more clarity on triggers and on your behavior patterns and defense mechanisms.


"What a surprise in only one month of life. This workshop has definitely woken up the woman in me, and not only the woman...the sister, the mother, the daugther, the lover, the friend.
 Thank you

− Noveena Ilaria Marchioni / Italy

"I feel grateful for the deep exercises where old pain, grief and sorrow surfaced, and I feel grateful for the support I received there. I also feel very grateful for the brother that flagged me in all honesty - I got more awareness how I operate in intimate situations. "

− Sophia / Holland

"I have just moved in with the woman I met just after this workshop and I know that without what I learned there I could not have met her the way we do. Both at the level of being a man, having had my neediness so bluntly exposed in Step 1 and sexually. Learning what I did allows me to be a much better lover ... and not to cum. She so loves that fact I have never cum with her - never! And have lost the urge to ever want to to do so again. What a ride to continue deepening our connection!"

− Andrew / UK



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