Domination Workshop

The art of leading and following – step 3b

Tantric domination is more than spicing up your sex life – it’s a doorway to deep non-interference and to blissful surrender in action


Playing with dominance and submission is a beautiful way to create strong polarity and deep intimacy. This workshop guides you safely into the world of leading and surrendering.

What is tantric domination?
Tantric domination has many aspects of BDSM, but it’s not the same. Tantric domination is all about feeling into the submissive and acting from non-interference to guide him or her into deep surrender. We don’t focus on pain or humiliation. You don’t even need kinky toys, although they can definitely add to your play. The most important equipment for tantric domination is your empathy.


Blissful surrender
Experienced or not, in this workshop you’ll be surprised how much you can do by ‘just’ playing with your body posture, your voice, your words, and – of course – by moving sexual energy trough the body. Add some heart yoga to that and you’re very likely to see your partner in total bliss.

This is an advanced workshop. You don’t need previous experience in domination or BDSM, but you do need Sexual Deconditioning Level 1 and Advanced Sex Level 2. However, if you want to bring a talented Level 1 partner, please contact the organiser. Exceptions can be considered.


  • Learn how to create deep intimacy by playing with dominance and submission.
  • You’ll be exploring both the dominant and the submissive role.
  • You get the chance to interact with several people, women and men, to experience different energies and dynamics.
  • In a few exercises we play with ‘sweet pain’, but tantric domination doesn’t hurt.

  • You’ll learn – as a dominant – how to create a safe space for your submissive, in which he or she can relax, open up and explore. Through various exercises you learn new skills to help your partner surrender.
  • You’ll learn – as a submissive – how to communicate about what you like and don’t like. Good communication skills will help you to let go of control during the play.

  • Rope can have an amazing effect on people. You’ll learn a few basics to get started.
  • We share some theory about BDSM and about tantric domination, but this is a mainly practical workshop.
  • Enjoy new and heart opening experiences. Tease, play and explore!


"Domination. Whip. Rope. Pain. Perverts. Scary!!! And it turned out to be one of the most fun weekends ever. People, do not judge this workshop as "off your menu" if you are not into BDSM, it is not what it is about. It is about love, trust, playfulness and polarity in energy!"

− Liz / Norway

"Tantric domination, you say? A mix of TNT and BDSM, sounds delightful! Apollo held space in what I perceive as a most human way. Thank you all the participants and assistants and Apollo for a most fun, easy, safe, liberating weekend"

− Amy/ Denmark

"A respectful, huge, heartfelt thank you for Apollo Lee Adama. He did so incredibly well in teaching us, guiding us, whipping us into shape and supporting us with his presence, humour and knowledge. A special mention of the totally AWESOME music that was played. Best ever. Thank you God, Spirits, Saints and whoever else is out there for this crazy loving beautiful life!"

− Sandra Carson / Holland



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