Ego Workshop

Learn how to recognize fear based behaviour – step 5

A part of spiritual maturity is losing the ‘fascination of being me’, stop hiding or trying to impress other people. How much you care about what other’s think of you is a measurement of how free you are.


Step 5 is the most painful, but also the most important step from suffering to happiness. With this step you will gain a deep and potentially life changing understanding of how the ego operates and how this ‘mini me’ is distorting our views and actions. You will also receive profound feedback on your own ego strategies. 

The fascination of being me
Our ego is constantly deluding us by expanding or contracting our idea of who we are in our naturalness. Mainly out of fear we create the idea of being ‘separate’ from others. Holding on to the image of a perceived me keeps us in a compromised space. Spiritual practice is focused on lessening the attachment to the assumed self image, not on strengthening it.

Reality check
Realising we don’t exist as the thoughts in our head, and instead resting in the mystery of being nothing in particular, allows for a deep relaxation and expansion of our consciousness. Without this we, are very likely to stay overly concerned with ‘ourselves’ and with all the limiting and selfish behaviour that comes as a result. Luckily the ancient non-separateness teachings are now being backed up by neuro science. Receiving reality checks from the community and friends will greatly speed up the process that is needed to detach from our assumed self image.

Are you too big or too small?
This Step is in direct contrast to the recent ‘selfie’ pop culture of ‘I’m fabulous!’ or ‘I’m perfect just the way I am!’ This idea of our perfection can justify our selfish behaviour and enhance our belief that we are better or worse than those around us.

Becoming more real
If you feel you are ready to to be vulnerable in front of others and really listen to what they can reflect back to you, then you are ready to take this step and make your way back to a more natural, happy and innocent state of being. Taking this step and committing to this practice will also help you to be really honest with those around you, to speak your truth from your heart and not your ego.

Sexual de-conditioning Level 1, Advanced Sex Level 2 and:

  • Minimum of 1 month totally clear of any addictions.
  • The student responds in a healthy way to constructive criticism and can express him/herself without fear.
  • The student can act and make conscious decisions from a non-egoic perspective, even if the ego is triggered.
  • The student takes adult responsibility for him/herself and does not fall into the adolescent trap of blaming others or becoming a victim.


  • General theory of how the ego or ‘mini-me image’ distorts thoughts and actions.
  • Learn how to receive feedback without a ‘knee-jerk defence’: learn how to conduct pain in your emotional body when you receive constructive criticism.
  • Learn how to give constructive feedback.

  • We will look into addictions operating and distractions in your life (food, money, sex, power, all drugs – including tobacco, alcohol, caffeine) and you will be guided how to transcend and clear these out.
  • How to conduct research on others: learn how to listen to both sides of the story before before drawing conclusions.

  • Become more real by gaining clarity of your ego patterns.
  • Learn how to take yourself and your ego less seriously.
  • Stop projecting your stuff on others and experience how relations become better.


"Step 5 feels like leaving suffering with rocket speed - and words cannot describe the gratitude I feel for the ease it brings me to this day. It is my favorite workshop, because it brings me trust, authenticity, care and the tools to deal with difficult situations in my life"

− Thomas Williams / Denmark



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