The Sacred Ceremony

High speed spiritual train into temporary enlightenment – step 6

This sacred ceremony uses a thousand year old ritual from indigenous cultures and natural herbs to evoke a temporary lifting of the illusion of separation… and the imprint on how to return


What if the mind would stop interfering for while, so you could experience reality from a non-ego space? The Sacred Ceremony is a unique opportunity to have a deeper experience of yourself in an expanded state, to see yourself from outside the limiting interface of the mind.

Imprint of enlightenment
In this ceremony we use a thousand year old ritual with sacred herbs. Together we create a deep space and you are invited into a state of unity-consciousness. You will be guided to enter a state of temporary enlightenment, a Satori. In this state the monkey mind quietens down, so you have the opportunity to experience clarity beyond the mind, to receive deep insights, and connect to a deeper purpose in life.


Deep insights
This experience will be a deep imprint in your spiritual journey, as you’re very likely to experience the world, yourself and reality from a different perspective. During the 36 hours of carefully prepared ceremony, participants are encouraged throughout to share their insights with the group. A lot of wisdom will be shared in the circle.

Sexual De-conditioning Level 1.


“We have done many of these ceremonies over the years and every time I’m shocked how deeply but gently people are opened by it. About 90% of people say something like “I know now that I have never seen the Divine condition before, but now I see it”. That was my experience as well. You can’t see the mind because it covers everything… sometimes we need a little help and a kickstart.”

– Alex Vartman

Inspiration  has come from the Polynesians in Fiji and the Australian aboriginals.



"Sacred Ceremony blew my mind. I went into satori for the first time in my life. It showed me what I have been searching for in the past 20 years. Since then it becomes more and more easy and frequent to get acces into these realms of unity consciousness. From there my life changes tremendously. Priceless."

− Anke Dengel / Holland

"My favourite retreat. All the teachings and learnings come together in this ceremony: it’s horny, it’s emotional, it’s deep, it's confronting. So nice to be without the ego for a couple of hours; that provides an important imprint. And then being guided by Alex into experiencing bliss. A very important bucket list item!"

− Niels Pilaar / Holland

"Sacred Ceremony has been a pleasant surprise, it was as an invitation to observe and challenge my perception of reality. It was a meticulously prepared and executed ceremony, allowing me to safely sink deep into what I can only describe as a state of extreme clarity and peace of mind, revealing many insights that still serve me to this day. Highly recommended."

− Edmar Janssens / Holland



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