Life Purpose Workshop

Vision quest – step 7

A deep meditation experience that is a cornerstone of many traditional paths:

the Dark Retreat

A week in the dark has the effect of greatly raising our alpha and theta brain waves, allowing you to receive deep intuitions and visions of your life’s purpose


Are you ready to step into your life and live it to your full potential, serving the world the best way possible and make a living of it?

Find clarity during this 7-day retreat in a quiet and dark bunker.
– 5 days in the darkness: no communication, no distractions, one meal a day… Sounds like hell? This might be the most rewarding vacation of your life.
– 1,5 day after-darkness workshop; where you work in groups, with buddies and on your own, defining and planning how to live your life’s purpose.

The best version of you
When you get more clarity on your ego, you will also start to see the needs of the world and the people around you with more clarity. What matters then, is stepping up to the best version of yourself.  This course offers you the chance to raise your level of awareness. By meditating deeply on your life’s purpose you’ll gain an understanding of how to make a difference with your competences and abilities.

Finding clarity in the dark
When you surrender to the darkness, your levels of theta brainwaves will rise and you’ll become hyper sharp. You will for example be able to recall childhood moments in intricate detail, like how it felt to ride to school, remembering every turn and twist in the path. With this clarity of mind, you can focus on the question: “What am I here for… including earning a living?” Your monkey mind quietens and spirit will come through in the form of intuition. Based on true inspiration, you can use your working mind to start manifesting your life’s purpose.

Sexual de-conditioning Level 1 or by individual approval


Theory and tools
On the first day you’ll be prepared for your time in the bunker with theory and methods. You’ll get a summary on how to pray and meditate and you’ll be guided on how to differentiate between the different types of mind. If you understand how to let go of the monkey mind, you can stay fully present while opening up to your intuitive spiritual mind. This way you’ll be able to use your working mind to put the insights into a practical working structure.

Setting your intention
The first day will help you to set a clear intention for your process. After the preparations, we’ll start with a guided meditation to get you started in the right direction before the lights are turned off.

Getting clarity
Now you can start to put the pieces together on what you will actually do the next 3-5 years. You include the working mind to explore, write down, elaborate and concretize your vision. This will help you seeing the practical steps needed to start to manifest your life’s purpose. You’ll get further clarity, a general excitement and fire to live that life.

The first 24 hours
The first 10-15 hours you will probably just sleep as most of us are in a constant state of tiredness. After about 15 hours you will not be able to sleep anymore. Then the mind-fucks start. The difference is that we will not be able to distract ourselves.

Day 1-2: ‘Emptying’ the subconsciousness
After day one the mind starts to externalize. It’s like dreaming with your eyes open. The subconscious starts to empty into your consciousness. You experience all the thoughts that you suppressed. A rather intense stage where you see deeply into yourself. You make use of all the tools which we teach in the other levels. Like practicing to conduct whatever feeling and thought there is in your body and mind.

Days 3-4: The mind becomes quiet
After about 3-4 days of cleansing, the mind becomes quiet and you may rest for periods in un-manifested consciousness… a blissful state. The working mind becomes very clear. In this stage, most people will get clear pictures of what they would really like to achieve this life-time and on what they want to do to be able to die happy and complete.

Days 4-5: Clarity, intuition and inspiration
Your consciousness is externalized to the max now and you may have blissful visions. The intuition of how the divine wants to live through you becomes even clearer. Using the tools and coaching in the dark you can start putting the pieces together on what you will actually do the next 3-5 years and why. These days you start to include the working mind and you start to see the practical steps which are needed to start manifesting your life’s purpose, further clarity and a general excitement and fire to live that life.

Individual coaching
The course facilitator will do individual coaching in the dark with all the participants to check how you are doing and help fine-tuning your process in the right direction.

Food and hygienics
Food is brought to you once a day by someone with night vision goggles. Ropes lead you to the toilet and back to your mattresses. Warm wet towels are provided every day to clean your body.

Back into the light, sharing in the circle
On day 6 you are slowly led out of the darkness and integrated back into light. Just looking at ordinary things and nature can be overwhelming. When we’re used to the daylight again, we gather in a circle where all participants share their insights. The wisdom of the circle will be used to give you feedback on your ideas and support your work, planning how to live your life’s purpose.

Coaching: from business plan to action plan
The integration process starts with business coaching. We’ll train you in tools and practical steps on how to implement your vision into a business model. Together with the group you’ll put your business plan into an action plan. You will work in groups and buddy up with another participant to support each other on how to put the practical steps together and live it in your daily life.

Refresher courses
Once you have done step 7 you are welcome back for a 2-day refresher every second year. As a second-time repeater, you will have the possibility to look deeper into the process of your life purpose and work deeper on how you will live and manifest it in your daily life.


  • Deep insight in your life’s purpose – Why you do it, how to live it and measure your success.
  • A direction and compass for the next 3-5 years
  • A plan for the next 3-6 months critical steps.
  • Tools to carry on working with your life’s purpose and keep you on track.

  • A network of people that can support each other on their path.
  • Imprints on how to open yourself to receive valuable spiritual downloads and insights.
  • Integrate your work with your spiritual practice.
  • Get a deeper sense of motivation and passion in your life whilst earning a good living.

  • Get the opportunity to check your insights and plans with the wisdom of the circle.
  • Level of completion: As you go about your daily work, you can tie your actions to your greater purpose. Finally, you will start walking, talking and breathing your life’s purpose.


"'For me level 7 was like sitting in a spiritual womb, undoing myself and catch a glimpse of what my life is ment to be. Magnificent how much can change by doing so little. I never felt so well rested, healed and open in my life as after level 7'"

− Bouke / Holland

"This retreat gave me the opportunity to observe clearly all the mindfucks. In the dark I could subtly differentiate when I was working way too hard and therefore contracting or when inspiration just came in when I was in a relaxed state. Like Alex said: being yogically lazy. 
At those moments there was no doubt, only bliss and endless creativity."

− Saskia van der Voort / Holland

"The minute the light was turned of, I felt so much peace, like I had been waiting for this all my life. Not a second of boredom, because - there is just nothing to do but tuning out and observing the show. What a gift!
The life purpose that popped out so clearly in the dark is the perfect opportunity to practice this fully, since it will force me to take FULL responsibility on all sides of my spiritual practice."

− Kristin Vederhus / Norway



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