Teacher & Bodyworker Training

 Professional training – step 8

Manifesting a living from doing something you are completely passionate about is one of the greatest joys imaginable


This intense and professional training will greatly improve the skills you need to deliver your life’s purpose. At the moment we are teaching in two main categories. We train people who are working with their minds, and we train bodyworkers.

Working with your mind
Many of our students train to become (a better) teacher, coach or therapist, but we also have students who work as scientists. To benefit from this training, it doesn’t really matter what your life purpose is. To be able to serve the world and the people around you in the best possible way, you will need some essential skills to be able to really step into your greatness.

Essential skills
During this training you will work in groups to learn, improve and integrate several intangible but essential skills, such as how to present effectively, how to hold people’s attention with charisma and how to stop their minds from wandering. Also learn essential ‘soft skills’, such as taking space for yourself, holding space for groups and serving without burning out.

Training for bodyworkers
We also train people who work with their body and hands. We offer bodyworkers and sexual coaches an in-depth training of how to perform The New Tantra massage. You’ll learn how to work in a relatively structured way on deep levels with the (energy) body. You will be working with different massaging skills, varying from deep tissue massage to triggerpoint massage. As feeling into the other is essential to be able to serve the other, you’ll also practice to follow your intuition, thereby raising your level of empathy.

Sexual de-conditioning Level 1Advanced Sex Level 2, Step 4 Transmission training and Step 5 Ego workshop.


  • This is an intense and challenging training program in which you will learn, improve and integrate several essential skills for manifesting your life’s purpose.
  • You will receive general teachings and practice in groups.
  • You will receive radically honest feedback from teachers and from other students.
  • A non “mood making” approach is used to keep the student in touch with reality rather than artificially nice feelings.

  • Once you pass this step you can form an alliance with The New Tantra and profit from our marketing services.
  • You will receive a certificate of completion and you will be listed on our website.
  • Ongoing quality control and advice is offered for as long as the student stays in the process.
  • You can repeat this workshop for free, as long as it is operating.


"This workshop gave me very strong tools and structure how to speak, and present myself in an authentic way to a group of people. This intense training also deepened the content that I deliver. Very useful in for me - in- and outside TNT!"

− Emile van Veggel / Holland

"After participating in this training the understanding for everyone and everything (including my self) has increased to a whole new level. I am so grateful for the opportunity to pass this on through TNT massage. My wish is to help others to reach the same level of happiness that I gained through these teachings"

− Haakon Slaatto Christie / Norway

"Last year I received the most profound teachings and massage skills during this training. Since then my life changed enormously..
Slowly but surely my gift to this world is growing and my overall experience of life is getting so much more profound."

− Jeroen Cops / Holland



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