Transcendence Workshop

 Step 9

How much of your daily suffering is created by mindfucks?
Most people say about 99%…


Suffering can occur from real events, but usually it’s the constant mind chatter that creates the suffering. So… wouldn’t it be great to be able to turn off your monkey mind? To become more relaxed and more productive? 

And on top of that, aren’t you curious about the sense or nonsense of spiritual cliches such as “the Self does not exist”, “we are all one”, “you are perfect as you are” and “there is nothing that you need to do”? Wouldn’t you like to be introduced to meditation techniques that can be used at all times, even at night during sleep?

Welcome to Step 9!

How the mind creates suffering
You can’t choose your thoughts, they randomly appear. We have 1000s of thoughts a day, many of which are repetitive and negative. Our monkey minds take us all over the place in endless loops and our inner critics tell us that we’re not good enough, not worthy, etcetera.

Being overwhelmed by mind chatter
We easily identify with the noisy chatter in our head, thereby creating an image of a solidified and trapped ‘me’ in a hostile world. This is painful so we tend to numb ourselves by going into addictions, by isolating ourselves from the world and its opportunities or by forcing happy thoughts that make the pain less for a short while. Not a pretty sight!

Understand the nature of mind
To get out of this vicious cycle, we need to become familiar with the nature of mind through experiment (meditation) and instruction (pointing out). In that way, our minds can become open, clear, compassionate and effective by experientially separating awareness (mind itself) from its contents (mind chatter). Then, the more silent your mind gets, the more intuition will come through, which can then manifest in the world by spontaneous action in the moment (“thinking fast”) or by engaging the working mind (“thinking slow”).

The role of the body
The mind’s content cannot be separated from the body, as we will clearly demonstrate through exercises, meditations and pointing out instructions. You will learn how to recognize negative thought patterns in the body as a way to stop the monkey mind from taking over. In addition, we will also explore meditations from the Buddhist Kundalini or inner fire tradition to work with the so-called subtle or energy body.

The other TNT Steps make use of renunciation and transformation – spiritual practices that require effort and that work on the relative level, ie. the mind’s content. This workshop will introduce “effortless practices” that make use of self-liberation and work on the absolute level, ie. mind itself. That is the essence of transcendence.

The big picture
Step 9 is also where you will be presented with the big picture behind the various TNT practices. We will explain how TNT offers many old and proven spiritual techniques in a modern format. You will also be able to situate TNT with respect to other systems, both from Eastern and Western traditions. This will help you to avoid getting stuck in “spiritual delusions” such as the Advaita trap (which is illustrated in this hilarious video), to decide which further practices beyond TNT are useful and which aren’t, and to make the most of your current practices.

To be qualified for this training, you need to have passed Sexual deconditioning Level 1


  • By the end of this training, you will have a much stronger capacity to cut through mind-chatter and to stop unnecessary mental suffering.
  • You will learn a proper, well-established meditation practice.
  • You will learn how to guide group meditations in order to network and co-create.
  • You will learn about the different types of meditation and their purposes. This will help you to decide what courses and practices are useful for you and which aren’t. In other words, you will get a spiritual roadmap.

  • You will learn to apply meditational presence at all times — and not just when sitting on a meditation pillow with your eyes closed, but at work, family life and so on.
  • We will show how your meditation practice can even be extended into sleep by inducing lucid dreaming.
  • Learn how to recognize negative thought patterns in the body as a way to quiet the monkey mind.

  • Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of the hyper-masculine, mental approach of tuning into nothingness (the nihilistic Advaita Trap). Instead, you will learn to include the feminine aspect that anchors the practice in the body.
  • Learn how to avoid the risk of denying reality in your spiritual practice. Throughout the workshop, we will often refer back to solid scientific results.
  • Learn to avoid escaping issues or uncomfortable thoughts that do require attention. Gain a motivation for change where needed.


"Step 9 made me experience what happens when the body is included in the practice. It is about stopping thoughts but at the same time feeling more - not less - if we want that permanent opening of the heart. I have been looking so much forward to this workshop and it was definitely worth waiting for!"

− Tina Jensen / Denmark

"Now, some days later, I go back and forth into the timeless dimension. Sometimes there are mindfucks, but they are shorter in duration. When I returned to work many of my collegues hugged me spontaneusly, which is is not the normal behaviour on my workplace. They didnt know about my workshop, but I guess I might have a different vibe now. And my work became so easy. Everything is like a dance.
Thank you all crew and all students from this workshop. Rock on."

− Ragnar / Sweden

"Amazing how easy I could go into outward meditation. And how awfull it felt when I tried to do inward meditation. After 45 min I stopped and went back to doing my daily stuff, but still I was in mind-less state, peaceful & relaxed, feeling expanded.
You are right Paris Cecilia Jayer: the combination of step 5 + 9 is really DA BOMB!"

− Eveline / Holland



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