Tantric Sex Skills Sessions

for women

Receive a deep sexual imprint during a sacred ritual

In this one to one session, which is a sacred ritual,  you will receive a deep sexual imprint from an ‘Advanced Sex’ lover, who is highly experienced in how to tantrically open a woman’s body.

Sacred ritual
The session giver that we lovingly call our ‘tantric gigolo’ will take care of you, intuiting what your fears and hesitations are, gently guiding you and creating a safe playground for you to explore any wants, needs or desires that may be present, and allowing you to surrender through his non-interference. He will give you an imprint of tantric lovemaking, and will teach you how to surrender into both an open hearted and horny space.

A safe playground to explore

The focus of the session is to allow you to take a risk to explore what you may have been shy about exploring before, to dare to step out of your comfort zone in the knowledge that you are being held in a safe, skilled pair of hands, to allow your full hornyness to emerge and perhaps explore reversing polarities, role play and living out your fantasies. The tantric gigolo is skilled in the ability to evoke different orgasms, like g-spot, valley/spinal, full body and cervical orgasms.

This is an all-inclusive session with full penetration.