The New Tantra Massage

The New Tantra Massage is a two to three hour multi step treatment to get more connected with your natural flow of sexual life force energy.

Opening the energy channels

With various techniques we open up the blocked energy channels to bring you back to a natural state of innocent horniness. When you are fully de-armoured externally and internally, the energy can flow freely throughout your body, which connects you to your inherent source of sexual pleasure and unlimited creative potential. Unfortunately, the conscious use of this powerful energy is not taught or even encouraged by modern society. With our conditioned ways, we habitually suppress our emotions and our bodies’ natural responses, leading to chronic blocks in our emotional, energetic and physical bodies over time. These blockages can lead to various physical diseases, a negative outlook on life and a sex-life that is less than satisfying. The New Tantra massage is designed to reverse this negative process. Its unique techniques serve to powerfully open the body, releasing tensions, old trauma and stored emotions which would otherwise hold us back from fully experiencing life and sex.

Exploring sexual energy

During this massage we work with sexual energy to teach you about your body. Different energies can be explored, and you will receive many practical tools to practice at home with or without a partner in order to bring your sex-life to a higher level.

Vaginal and cervical dearmouring

For women, this massage involves the de-armouring of the vagina and the cervix. Releasing tensions and blockages here will highly increase pleasurable sensitivity in the vagina and enables you to experience deeper and more blissful orgasms, like G-spot, cervix and womb orgasms.

Penis dearmouring

For men, the massage includes a deep external massage of the penis to relax the contractions in the penis and around the perineum. This will make your penis more sensitive and makes you a better tantric lover.

Anal dearmouring

Both men and women are offered de-armouring of the anus. A yogically open anus has several benefits. It enables sexual energy to flow from the genitals into the spine, which is essential for avoiding short contracting orgasms and premature ejaculation. (Also check out Being able to let energy flow from your genitals up to the spine is essential if you want to experience full body orgasms.

Your body is guiding

TNT Massage is an intense massage in which a lot of stored emotions can be released. This is part of the process. If you don’t feel at ease with all parts of this massage, that is okay. You decide what feels good for you and what doesn’t.