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Grow into the best version of your Self

How many times in the past have you hit your head against the wall wondering why your life isn’t working? The same relationship problems, the same struggles, the same pain coming up again and again, no matter how hard you are trying to change.

Deep healing

As much as we’d like it to be otherwise, we simply cannot heal and solve our deepest routed problems by ourselves. We need an empathic other, a mentor coach or therapist to hold a calm and compassionate space for us to go deeply into our process, to help us feel the pain from our past and release what is no longer serving us so we can become more empowered, creative and happier overall.

Different approaches

TNT offers a variety of different approaches to therapy, and each has its own unique benefits; Primal Therapy focuses on healing old childhood wounds, while coaching is more forward focused. It helps you look at where you want to go in life and clears the obstacles along the way, while also making room for deep inner expansion. Deep healing requires deep feeling. With the help of our capable therapists you can start your transformational journey today.

Therapy and spirituality

In the spiritual world, there are not so many non-moodmaking therapists and in the world of traditional therapists, there are not so many spiritually aware psychologists. Our therapists don’t only help you to gain

  • More awareness on ego patterns
  • Clarity about your childhood conditioning
  • Awareness on dynamics in your relationships

They can also help you to integrate the TNT-teachings in real life situations. so you can benefit more from them.

Transformational growth

Whatever your needs are, each method of our TNT therapists aim to facilitate a deep transformation, and will change your life from the current default mode into living the grandest version of yourself, which you are truly meant to be!


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