TNT Codes of Conduct

Why does TNT have published (and uniquely strict) codes of conduct?

Overall Code of Conduct

TNT is run as a school, or rather a University of Life studies, and is quite demanding and ego confronting. In contrast to the popular selfie culture, TNT confronts the ego and therefore is not for everyone. We have a code of conduct to prepare potential students that they will be confronted on their destructive and usually unconscious selfish behaviour.

Sexual Code of Conduct:

Being a teacher creates a certain position of power. Power that can easily be misused… resulting in ego strengthening for the teacher, competition between students and drama creation, to name just a few. So for ethical and legal reason TNT has created strict rules to address this issue.

Overall Code of Conduct

1. Adult responsibility: we expect and require you to act like an adult. This includes not playing a “victim” and learning to become 100% responsible for your own health, safety and happiness. If something does not feel right in the school or during a workshop, then speak up. To counter the tendencies of group cult-dynamics, you should never do anything that does not feel right to you by blindly following the group. Do not greatly exceed your comfort zones to minimize the chances of later regrets.

2. Discuss the undiscussables: TNT operates on a circle basis. There is no hierarchy when it comes to human rights. Anyone can speak at anytime. This includes challenging the workshop leader if something feels off. You will never be reprimanded for respectfully voicing your disagreement, or changing the situation/exercise as required by you. One or both parties will learn from discussing things transparently.

3. Anti-ego: TNT has found that the most consistent way to improve people’s lives and create long-term change is with honest feedback – i.e. not pretending people are doing better than they are. The New Tantra is a spiritual school in the tradition of Crazy Wisdom. One of the more controversial techniques employed is to humorously, artfully and lovingly insult the ego. It can be quite confronting to hear what people really think of you. This will usually polarize the head and heart. The head will scream in defiance in a predictable way, and the heart will feel relief to know the truth. If you cannot handle constructive criticism, TNT is the wrong school for you. Participants should not give anti-ego criticism to each other unless they are trained and qualified by TNT at level 8 or above.

4. Safety: If you want a process or exercise to stop altogether, you can use the TNT code-word “Apple-tree”.

5. Confidentiality: You cannot talk outside of the workshops about other people and what they did on the courses. You can of course share your own experience. Please try to suspend your judgments of others.


Sexual Code of Conduct

No naked sexual contact (i.e. no exchange of bodily fluids, and /or touching breasts / or genital, oral or anal penetration) between staff and students is permitted during our workshops other than from an assistant with gloves on in Advanced Sex Level 2 de-armoring, or at step 8 professional training of sexual bodyworkers. To reduce participants making up false claims at a later date, any breach of this rule should be immediately reported to staff in the circle before the end of the workshop. Professional sessions with staff involving genital contact are allowed but must involve the participant signing a consent form PRIOR to any sexual contact.

These rules should contribute to keeping TNT safe and transparent.

For ethical (power position) reasons, the teachers of TNT are not permitted to have sex with students (regardless of their gender) for 18 months after they attended their first workshop with TNT. This rule applies to all the teachers of TNT.

For body workers, assistants and anybody who offers TNT-related sessions, a similar rule applies: no sex is allowed for 3 months after the session or the TNT course they attended/assisted.

Exceptions to these rules are (a) certified Step 8 students, (b) those who were in sexual relationship with staff before taking any TNT workshops and (c) if a student progresses to become a staff member because as a tantra school the team members are sexually active between each other, including with team members’ partners.